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Mar 13
2 months ago



We continue our conversation with Nadya Mian from our previous blog. Here, we highlight specific skincare concerns acne and hyperpigmentation. We talk about advice for brides with Acne.

When should you start thinking about a skincare plan?

Nadya recommends starting a skincare plan as soon as possible for the best results. She recommends regular facials for at least a year, especially if you have active acne. If you have severe acne, you may consider seeing a dermatologist or doctor to rule out hormonal issues. It's good to see a nutritionist or doctor to test for allergies.

There is plenty of research linking south Asians and ethnic minorities to lactose intolerance. With this information, it might be worth reducing the number of lactose products you consume, such as cheese and cow's milk.

Can I do anything at home to prepare my skin?

Nadya recommends starting a skincare regime at home and ensuring you use products that do not aggravate the skin too much, such as perfumes, essential oils or alcohol. Read the packaging of the products you are using to ensure they are free of harsh ingredients. You should consider stripping back and reducing the number of products to essentials and then introducing new products weekly or biweekly rather than several products all at once. Fewer products would allow your skin to adapt to the new products and also allow you to identify what works for you.

What products should I use?

A simple cleanser, toner, and products with active ingredients a few times a week, as well as a moisturiser, are enough. She recommends actives such as salicylic acid to exfoliate the skin a couple of times a week; you can also use salicylic acid in your cleanser for daily use as well. Once you have these steps nailed down, you can add in serums such as vitamin c and retinol ideally fragrance, alcohol, and essential oil-free.

Any other advice

She recommends seeing a nutritionist to identify any underlying allergies. You are looking to work from the inside out, acne can often erupt due to diet or specific foods you are eating. Try to reduce sugar content and incorporate green juices and vegetables into the diet. The most important thing is to first see your doctor in case of a more significant hormonal issue. For best results start looking into diet and skincare as soon as possible. The most prominent thing women with acne-prone skin need to know is it's not something that you can permanently get rid of, it's a maintenance game, and you would need to keep on top of your skin to maintain its appearance.

Typically recommended facials:

Nadya would recommend hydra facials for acne-prone skin as this extracts dirt and hydrates the skin at the same time, both essential components for acne-prone skin. Regular facials over 9-12 months and maintenance at home can make a significant difference to the face and provide an overall glowing and dewy skin on your wedding day.

What about hyperpigmentation?

Once your acne is under control, sometimes you are left with hyperpigmentation or scarring. Nadya recommends micro-needling. Microneedling is essentially causing injury to the skin via tiny needles forcing the skin to produce more collagen and new skin tissue, effectively providing a smoother finish and, as a result, reducing hyperpigmentation. Microneedling reduces any other scars on your face and tightens pores. She would never recommend this treatment close to the wedding. With microneedling you need a few sessions to see results and time for the skin to reset and renew. Microneedling can also result in some purging, so it's probably something you don't want close to your day.


No laser or home peels, no heavy makeup after the facial as it can penetrate the skin and cause a breakout, so wait at least 48 hours. Always wear sunscreen! Even in winter, it's the most important thing to prevent marks and scarring. Sunscreen is also a way to reduce the rate of ageing. It prevents UV rays from absorbing into the skin, so regularly apply throughout the day, especially after a treatment such as micro-needling.


Sample skincare regime:

Cleanser: Start your skincare regime with a good quality cleanser. Ensure you wash your face twice a day. Washing your face is most important at night to remove dirt, debris, and pollution and have a clean canvas for your nighttime skincare products.

Products should be:

- Fragrance-free

- Non-comedogenic

- Alcohol-free

- No essential oils

Try to choose a cleanser with salicylic acid to clean pores and ceramides for moisture.

PM Regime AM Regime
Hyaluronic Acid
Retinol Moisturiser
Mask (Clay)