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Mar 07
2 months ago


"Inspiration and Ideas"

South Asian weddings are incomplete without the "exciting and festive" Mehndi party celebration. Hosts and guests often picture these pre-wedding celebrations painting a Bollywood movie scene filled with bhangra music, bright colourful dresses and choreographed dancing. There is so much more you can add to personalise your day. Sprinkle in hints of the latest design trends, personalise your accessories or add fun interactive elements throughout the event. You are only limited to your creativity – this article is here to inspire you with the latest trends in the UK, which have been used by south Asian grooms and brides for their Mehndi and Haldi events!


Adding Your Personality

Everything, from simple henna designs to the decor, food, and music, is a fun and exciting ritual for a bride. The Mehndi or Haldi events kickstarts pre-wedding festivities, setting the right tone for the upcoming events. Your Mehndi event is perfect for experimenting with different eclectic designs to demonstrate your love story and even your personality.


South Asian brides and grooms are now asking wedding planners in the UK to decorate their venues according to a particular theme. Your chosen theme can be reflected from the decor – the cushions, stage decorations, decorative bangle boxes, flower baskets, and everything else! Or how about a Bollywood wedding scene replica of the couple’s initials engraved on the entrance. The options are limitless when decorating your personality in the mayun or Mehndi ceremony.



Green Is Not The Colour Anymore!

For mehndi events, simple green decor and outfits have become a thing of the past. South Asian brides and grooms in the UK are now playing with different patterns, props, and colours for eclectic and quirky decor. Rajasthani prints combined with vibrant yellow, pink, and orange shades are some of the dazzling mehndi decoration trends! Or how about adding a hint of vibrancy with contrasting colours or a unique spin with something untraditional as an ombre colour palette or something more muted such as pastels.


Day Time Festivities

Brides in the UK are now opting for daytime celebrations instead of all-night parties, such as smaller gatherings in the garden. Daytime is ideal for incorporating modern and fresh colours like teal and peach to add a fun magical vibe to the event. Brides are now opting for unconventional themes such as bohemian, garden-inspired and twilight-themed lighting, which are perfect for outdoor events. Pastel and ombre colours are also themes some brides are now opting for over brighter colours, matching their outfits and other event accessories to the theme. Whilst these new themes are becoming increasingly popular, brides and grooms still love the bright colours traditionally used for Mehndi events.


Botanical theme:

Pictures sourced via Pinterest


Bohemian theme:


Sourced via doli decor and Sai Mandaps


Ombre or flower walls:


Magical Entrance

People start feeling the vibe of an event’s personality with the first glimpse at the entrance.

Yes, we want the first impression to pack a punch!

From colourful props to different-coloured lights, quirky umbrellas, and floral arrangements, your ability to decorate your venue is only limited to your creative inspirations.

Bedazzle the guests by playing with different colours, textures, and props on the entrance. How about a personalised quote or caricature portrait at the front of an Instagram-worthy flower wall or flower tunnel.


The Swing

A popular trend in recent years has been a stage set-up with swing seating for the couple or bride if having separate events. The stage and guest seating area is adorned with bright fabrics, decorative pillows, colourful umbrellas, and delicious canapes for guests.

Swings make the couple feel like the Raja and Rani from the Indian folktales. When decorated, swings can provide a perfect backdrop to snap those click-worthy happy moments. How about adding some fun photo moments by including props such as rickshaws, a chai cart or even a fun photo or sweet station.


Sourced via Pictroizzah, Royal Blooms, Oye! Karachi Street Food, Bread and Booch


Some brides and grooms have taken it a step further and replaced the swing with a floor tent for a fun and different spin on the traditional mehndi swing.



The Royal Feel. The Royal Ceiling. The Royal Wedding.

Adorning the ceiling with colourful decorative flowers is a must-have this season to give the venue a splendid and grand appeal. Match these flowers to your theme, whether muted pastels or bright pinks and yellows. The draped flowers provide a beautiful, unique look to your decor. How about replacing flowers with draped fairy lights or veined leaves for a beautiful bohemian outdoor theme.



Via Hums Event Management and Blissful Events


Comment below your thoughts and what you think you would try for your pre-wedding events.