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Mar 14
6 months ago


"Inspiration and Ideas"

"This is more than just a wedding dress. It is the embodiment of a dream come true"

For most brides, choosing a wedding gown or lengha is one of the most important choices she has to make.

We've put together some tips to help you find your perfect dress and things to consider to make the process easier.



Lengha cut

One of the most important things to consider outside of the style and colours of an outfit is the shape. There are many lengha shapes on the market, some better suited for each body type, so it's best to research different lengha shapes and what would suit your body type.

Take into consideration your everyday style or what you're comfortable with. If you do not like figure-hugging outfits, it's best to go for something more A-line rather than trying on a fishtail cut outfit.

Furthermore, if you wear one outfit all evening, you must be comfortable sitting down for long periods. So, perhaps choosing something that is a little loose fitting might be better or an alternative outfit that you can change into for other festivities like dances etc


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Many brides opt for red as it's the traditional colour. If you have your heart set out on red, that's fine. If you aren't quite sure, look around for inspiration and colour schemes that might catch your eye and try on other colours. Many dresses are customisable, i.e. colours changed, embroidery removed etc.

Ask the boutique, and don't be afraid to change things to make them perfect.

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Keep the weather in mind

if you are having a winter wedding or sitting in an air-conditioned hall, a thicker, heavier lengha will work. However, if you'll be having an outdoor venue in the afternoon, you might want to consider a lighter material.


One of the most important things to note before starting lengha shopping is your budget. Figure out how much you're willing to spend and have a figure in mind before trying on dresses. The last thing you want to do is fall in love with a dress out of your budget.


Give ample time for your dress to be customised according to your vision, and enough time for a couple of rounds of alterations. Alterations could take a few attempts to get right if you've lost weight since initially trying on the dress or the dress doesn't quite fit right yet. Try and secure your dress a few months in advance and ask the boutique how long they need to make changes.

What to take:

Collect Inspiration pictures - it is always good to have a few images prepared based on the style or colours you like. Flip through magazines or bookmark images on Instagram and start creating a mood board of looks before heading out to look at dresses.

Having an idea of styles, colours and embroidery you like would cut time spent going in and out of boutiques and trying on dresses.

The designer at any boutique should be able to pull out a few dresses for you to try on and give you an idea of what works and what doesn't.

Bulldog clamps - some designers will already have bulldog clips. However, not all would have these available, so it's always good to take your own. These clips allow you to pull back the sample size you will try on if it's too small or big and give a better overall shape to your figure. Pulling the dress in place gives you a better idea of whether it suits your figure and how it would look once altered.

Heels - Again, some boutiques would have a pair of heels to try on; however, if they do not or you have a particular height of heel in mind, then it's better to bring your own. As most lenghas need to be altered, wearing the right size heels will allow you to know how much adjustment is required. Wearing heels would also let you walk around in the lengha or outfit and see how it feels if it's too heavy or difficult to walk in or if it has a trail and that's an issue.

Underwear - Bring underwear that you are planning to wear on the day. You will be surprised how much difference it makes to the overall shape and look of the lengha you try on. For example, if you're wearing a more padded bra, it would allow you to see if the bust needs to be adjusted and if you want to keep or remove the padding. It is also worth taking different styles of underwear, for example, strapless if you're planning to wear a Bardot top, as it would give a better overall idea of how the top looks.

Hairpins & scrunchies - If you're planning an updo or placing your dupatta on your head on the wedding day, then a head tie and maybe a doughnut hairpiece will add bulk to your hair allowing the dupatta to sit on it nicely. The hairpins could help hold the dupatta in place and help you understand if you like the look. Some dupattas are pretty heavy, so trying it on with a hairpiece could help you decide whether it's too heavy and if you can manage it on the day.

Jewellery - If you already have your jewellery, bring it to the boutique and try to match the colour to the outfit or details.

The image on the left is Traditionally trendy, and The Shingaar box on the right.

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Don't forget to feed yourself. You may get caught up in bridalwear shopping. You may forget lunch, so keep snacks to keep your energy. A quick energy bar and water would help keep you hydrated.

Check out our list of boutiques for inspiration.