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Glam By Dimple


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Hey all! My name is Dimple and I am a bridal HMua from West Yorkshire. My makeup style is soft glam, natural and elegant. Helping reduce our insecure areas but not over powering it with layers of makeup, cakey is not me! I focus on skincare on all client it?s the perfect base and real foundation, along with dewy or matte bases. I concentrate more of a modern take on makeup let?s say the wearable Charlotte Tilbury meets Kim K styles. I can be creative too playing with colours but again it?s all wearable. My clients opt for soft natural glam to more out going glam along with more boho, soft waves, curls and messy bun hairstyles. All of which they say they love because they still look like themselves, the biggest compliment for me.

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Glam By Dimple

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