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The following Terms and Conditions, hereby referred to as ‘Terms’ or ‘Terms and Conditions’, should be carefully reviewed and understood before using the services owned by OMD Management Services Limited (Registered in England & Wales: 13991207) and it’s associated platforms hereby referred to as ‘Our Marriage Date’, ‘’, ‘Service’ or ‘Services’. may also be referred to as ‘the company’ or ‘company’.


  • The terms ‘Platform’, ‘we, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to the Company offering this policy to you. Our platforms include:

  • The terms ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘entity’, ‘individual’, ‘user’, ‘users’, or ‘customer’ refer to the individual or entity visiting, accessing and using

  • The terms ‘content’ refers to images, video, digital media or any other content on the Website and Social Media Platforms which belongs to the Company.

  • The term ‘supplier’, ‘suppliers’, ‘vendor’ or ‘vendors’ refers to individuals or entities who list their products and or services on the platforms for customers to access, view or engage with.

1.    Any individual or entity visiting, regardless of whether said individual or entity chooses to create an account, shall be considered a ‘user’ and duly accepts these terms and conditions. By accessing or using this service you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Should the individual or entity disagree with the Terms and Conditions, said individual or entity must not access services.

2.    The terms and conditions outlined herein may be changed from time to time by By accepting these terms and conditions, the user agrees that the continued access to or use of the services provided by entails acceptance of any updated or modified terms and conditions. All updates and modifications shall be effectively immediately without notice. 

3.    SERVICES: provides access to user-generated content and supplier listing information to individuals accessing our site. This service is provided solely to:

3.1.    Assist customers in planning their Wedding and or Events; by browsing choices offered by suppliers and facilitating introductions to suppliers where customers are interested in the facilities offered by the suppliers.
3.2.    Assist Wedding & Events industry Suppliers in engaging with potential Customers.

4.    USER ACCOUNTS: The following applies to all users who ‘create’ an account on using the account creation functionality:

4.1.    Users who create an account may be referred to as ‘Account Holders’ or ‘Users’.
4.2.    Account Holders agree to always safeguard their credentials. 
4.3. retains the right, at our sole discretion, to deny anyone access to the Platform at any time and for any reason including, but not limited to, violation of the terms and conditions outlined herein. 
4.4.    By completing the registration process and becoming an Account Holder, the customer agrees that they are solely responsible for any information provided and any activity on the account.
4.5.    Account creation is not mandatory to access and browse the Services offered by Customers are however required to become Account Holders to use the favourites and supplier reviews tools on the website.
4.6.    To access services all customers must have access to a stable internet connection and internet enabled device.
4.7.    Any communications made with Suppliers outside of the platform, regardless of whether they were introduced via are at the discretion of the user and the respective parties involved. This applies to all users regardless not just account holders.
4.8.    Contracts and agreements created between a user and supplier are considered to be agreed and/or signed outside of our platform. is not liable for any such agreements and contracts.

5.    OUR SERVICES: ‘Service’ and ‘Services’ may refer to either services directly offered by or the suppliers advertising on the Platform.

5.1. users may be redirected to the third-party websites or social media platforms owned by vendors. Although employs its best efforts to verify vendors/suppliers that feature on our platform, we have no control over the quality of service, communication or the transactions provided by them in any capacity. It is the users responsibility to ensure they maintain communications with suppliers and mutually agree terms in the way of a contract with a supplier.
5.2.    Supplier product and service offerings and pricing information shown on are provided exclusively by Suppliers. Supplier product and service offerings and pricing information are purely indicative and should be verified before making any commitment.
5.3.    By contacting Suppliers, users are choosing to interact with the third parties at their own risk. are in no way liable for any experience, products or services provided by the suppliers.
5.4.    Content viewed or accessed by users on the platform may be for commercial advertisement purposes and do not represent a contract or offering in any way. 
5.5.    All content related to a supplier is provided directly by the supplier themselves. Whilst aims to regulate the relevance and accuracy of the information displayed, the information provided is the sole responsibility of the Supplier.
5.6. endeavours to be fair to both Suppliers and platform users alike. We will carry out unbiased and fair assessments on any user provided reviews, displaying or removing any reviews or offensive content subject to but not limited to our Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct. 
5.7.    All information provided by an Account Holder to the platform will not be shared with any third parties.


6.1.    All content and information available on (including, but not limited to the images, text, graphics and videos), via our third parties, are owned by and the Suppliers. Users do not have the right to use, copy or distribute this information.
6.2.    Users are not permitted to download any content from the platform, unless it is expressly made available for download.
6.3.    Customers must not disrespect our Suppliers, whether this be via communications on or beyond our platform. Any misconduct may lead to termination of the account.


7.1.    Suppliers on our platform may wish to promote their products and services using short-term promotions, deals and/or sponsored content advertising on the platform. Availability and use of these products or services will be subject to agreement between users and suppliers. Servicing, adherence and implementation of these agreements remain the sole responsibility of the Supplier and User.
7.2.    Promotions and deals shown on our platform may be subject to change, being amended on a regular basis. All promotions remain subject to availability and change.


8.1.    By providing feedback using the ‘Ratings & Reviews’ functionality on the platform, uploads or emails, the Account Holder is granting a royalty-free, perpetual, transferable and irrevocable right to:

8.1.1.     Share the content provided with users of and our related platforms and social media
8.1.2.     Use the account name provided as a reference associated to the feedback provided
8.1.3.     Allow the associated Supplier to re-share and incorporate this feedback on their desired platform for marketing purposes only

8.2.    Reviews and feedback submitted to the platform should not: 

8.2.1.     Be offensive
8.2.2.     Promote violence or discrimination
8.2.3.     Infringe on the intellectual property rights of the platform, the suppliers and other users
8.2.4.     Invade privacy or promote illegal activity 
8.2.5.     Provide false, private or confidential information relating to the platform, suppliers or other users
8.2.6.     Contain spamming information
8.2.7.     Contain information that is unrelated to the respective Supplier page or area that the feedback is posted to

8.3.    Reviews shall be moderated on an ad-hoc basis by both the platform and the Supplier. Whilst appreciates and welcomes honest and open feedback; reserve the right to remove any feedback deemed as inappropriate or in breach of clauses and sub-clauses 8.2.


9.1. is committed to providing impartial fairness to our users and suppliers alike. We expect our users and suppliers act responsibly and respectfully in all dealings and communications amongst each other within and beyond the platform.
9.2. may intervene, taking reasonable measures, in the case of inappropriate behaviour from users or suppliers without limiting a users or suppliers own rights.


10.1. will not be liable for any damages or compensation to users or suppliers if the platform is unavailable at any time or for any period.
10.2. is not liable for any agreements made or disputes arising between users and suppliers. This platform is purely for introductory purposes. Any non-compliance with services from users or suppliers is out of the control of
10.3. will make best efforts to monitor the suppliers listed on the platform, to ensure the safety and security of our users. Any complaints or concerns related to suppliers listed on the platform, should be notified to by email addressed to: ‘’.
10.4. takes no liability or responsibility for the safety or security of products or services provided by suppliers listed on the platform. It remains the responsibility of users to ensure that suppliers have the correct compliance documentation, insurance policies and procedures in place when transacting with them.


11.1. owns the rights to our name, platform, platform-generated content and social media. 
11.2.    Suppliers own the intellectual property to the content including imagery and/or information provided by them on our platform.
11.3.    Users are prohibited from using any of our content for any commercial purposes without obtaining permission from

12.    GOVERNING LAW: This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England, United Kingdom.

 Below to be added to each supplier page as a sort of disclaimer/check list.

Last Updated: 21st Feb-2022